Getting Started with WowApp Messenger

freebestappNow that you found WowApp, the messenger app that pays you.  Let’s get you started.

There are 2 prerequisites to sign up.  1) You need to be over 13.  2) The same person can not sign up for multiple accounts.

If you have already signed up and you are helping someone else to sign up under you be sure they are joining under the correct username.  The sign up link below will be under WowApp username: wowism

Step 1 – Sign up for your free WowApp account

  • Fill in your email address and create a username. (Remember that your username is part of your Affiliate link so make it easy to say, type and understand. For example don’t use characters like: iI0Oo1j or people could be typing it wrong. Is that an O or a zero? Is that an I or an L or a one?
  • Be sure you have a good password that you can remember. Don’t make it easy. Use a few symbols too like !#$%& with a mix of numbers and upper and lower case.
  • Click Create Account.

Step 2 – Install WowApp

  • After you create your account you should be taken through the installation process.
  • If you need to install WowApp on another computer see these instructions: Windows or Mac.
  • If you install WowApp on a mobile device they will ask for a phone # so they can send a SMS to verify it.  This is only done once and you can install WowApp on every device you have using the same account username and password.  If someone calls or messages you it will ring all your devices you are logged in to.

Note: If you try to install WowApp on another device and get a message that says “Invalid Credentials” that could mean you didn’t verify your email address, so go back and look in your inbox or spam folder and try your username and password again.

Step 3 – Verify your eMail address.

  • You will be getting an email to verify your email address.  If you don’t see it in your inbox look in your spam folder.

Step 4 – Setup your profile picture. 

  • If you don’t set up a profile picture your picture will be your first and last name initials.

Setting your Privacy Settings

In the Privacy Settings screen you can determine who gets to see specific information. To edit your privacy settings go into WowApp. Then on an iPhone press on the ⓘ symbol and press Edit Privacy. On Android press on the Settings menu option and Account then Privacy.  See instructions here.  On Windows and Mac click on the WowApp menu and select Profile. I recommend making Birth-date, eMail & Phone number Private.

You can also do this by signing into the WowApp website:

Then click on Account and Profile.

Sharing WowApp with others

Now that you have WowApp you should tell your friends and family to try it also.  There are a number of ways to share WowApp with others.  Through your contact list, by clicking on the Invite button or through the dashboard on the website.

You can create and see your Affiliate links that you can share under the Share tab above.

WowApp Commission Structure and Payout

To see how commissions are tracked and paid see WowApp Commission Structure and Payout


You, your family and friends are going to love WowApp.  It is so much fun hearing the daily drop coin sound each morning.  At first you will only see pennies but if you and your friends continue to use WowApp and invite others you could find that you are earning commissions from hundreds of thousands of people all around the world.

Currently there are only 3 revenue streams.  One is from ads that are displayed, one is from the optional paid calling for outside calls and another is for an optional WowApp virtual call in phone #.  WowApp is constantly updating and is on track to add more ways for people to earn commissions from the things they already do.

Now let’s get busy and start sharing WowApp around the world.

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