Earnings Calculator for WowApp

As a fun project I wanted to create a potential earnings calculator. There are certainly a lot of variables and there is no way to know for certain who of the people you introduce it to will do anything. You might share it with 100 people that are not interested. Or you might share it to 1 person that ends up sharing it with 100,000.

What this does show is the power of sharing and what happens over time. Earnings to begin with are only pennies but great things can come from small beginnings.

This is not a claim of what you will earn. Just play around with it. WowApp plans to release more revenue streams. I recommend to just get started. WowApp is free to use so why not use it? You never know down the road you might have built a network of a million people all earning you a penny each but 1 million pennies is $10,000 USD.

Be sure to check out the article on the WowApp compensation plan.

This does not include the new additional revenue streams from home screen ads, shops or games.

How many people can you personally have sign up? ex. 10

How many people can each of those personally have sign up? ex. 10

How much ad revenue does a person personally earn? $ ex. .10

How much paid calling does a person use? $ ex. .25

Percentage of people in each generation actually sharing WowApp (1-100%) ex. 50

Percentage of people using WowApp to view ads (1-100%) ex. 50

Percentage of people using paid calling (1-100%) ex. 5

Percentage of people buying or renewing WowApp phone # (1-100%) ex. 1

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